Disney, Day Six: MGM Studios

We spent the entire day at MGM Studios, even though we hadn't expected to do so since we had already visited that park previously. However, sure enough, by the time we were done with everything, it was the end of the day, and we were both tired.

Photos: today only, all days

Oh, and before I get any further:

BEWARE: This man cuts in lines!

This man cut in front of both of us in line today, separately. He tried to cut in front of Anna in a line for fries, but she thwarted him with a feisty game of "Backpack Bumper Cars." He cut in line in front of me later when I was getting snacks before a show, this time by masquerading as if he were part of the party in front of me. I caught on to his little ruse, though, and did the only proper thing in such a situation–I took his picture.

As I've mentioned before, Anna's favorite Disney movie seems to be Beauty and the Beast, so we definitely had to go see "Beauty and the Beast–Live on Stage", which was basically a live-action 30-minute version of the movie. It was really well done, and we both enjoyed it! Besides Belle, Anna's favorite character in the movie is Mrs. Potts. Know why? If you know Anna, you'll understand. OK, ready? It's because the part of Mrs. Potts in the movie is played by Angela Lansbury, of Murder She Wrote fame. A fantastic a capella group called "Return to Zero" opened the show, and they were hilarious, as those types of groups often are. They and the show were both great, we both had a lot of fun there. 🙂

[more below]

We next went to a stunt show, "Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular", where we saw folks who were supposedly stunt doubles for the main characters in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" perform a variety of stunts. The show was entertaining, largely because there was fire involved. Anna met a guy named Robbie working in a gift shop who went to RIT and knew her mother! That was incredible! I took their picture, you know, because that's what I do.

We saw another parade today, the Disney Stars and Motor Cars parade, which was definitely a highlight of the day! Notably, R2D2 was in the parade and came rolling by, and Anna got a hug from a penguin! Later, we saw another stunt show later in the day called "Lights, Motors, Action", featuring car and motorcycle stunts, which was also very good, and which also contained goodly amounts of fire. We later went on the "Disney MGM Studios Backlot Tour", which showed special effects involving largish amounts of water and fire, yet again.

Perhaps the best highlight of the entire day was the show "Fantasmic" which takes place in an amphitheatre. It featured Mickey as the Sorceror's Apprentice, with lots of fireworks and water effects, most notably video projected onto a "fan" of sprayed water! It was incredible! There were three such fans, facing the different parts of the audience, and they showed clips from Disney movies that went along with the storyline. This was a spectacular Disney show, one that I hope I get to see again. Unfortunately, it was so dark that it didn't photograph well, and the video camera had a really hard time focusing on the sprayed water, so we don't have much to show about it. You'll have to just go see it yourself sometime! It alone is worth the price of admission.

Anyway, tomorrow we make our first trip to a water park. We were going to buy some sunscreen in the store in our hotel, but it was twelve dollars so we think we might have to keep looking.


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