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My Winning St Patrick’s Day Limerick

A few years back, we had a limerick contest at work for St Patrick’s Day. I happened to win the contest with the following gem. Note: this limerick is completely true.

For help, we turned to Stan,
the SQL optimization man.
But the improvements he chose
returned zero rows
so we went with our own game plan.

If you don’t know the details of this story, ask me sometime–perhaps you can get the same amount of joy out of it that I did.

Amusing signage

For as long as I can remember, I've taken pictures of signs and products and such that made me laugh.  Unfortunately, most of these have gone into the wasteland of my digital image folders, or, before that, into the even more barren wasteland of "wherever I happen to throw my prints". Lots of times, that's another name for a shoebox, or the coffee table, or the crisper drawer.

But no more! I'm going to start a regular feature here where I highlight one such photo, updated when I take another picture, or harvest one from the grimy depths of the upstairs office. It is thus with great fanfare and trumpeting that I present the first such photo:

Wait, what kind of tournament was that again?