XBox – Now with remote controlled power!

Some of you may know that I installed a mod chip in my XBox, mostly so I can run the awesome XBox Media Center (XBMC). This is hugely awesome if you combine it with the XBox DVD Remote, as you can sit on your couch and use the remote to control a home theatre PC! (Actually, I have an RCU810 that I bought in 2001 or so that I hacked to make it JP1 compatible. I programmed that remote to use the XBox codes, and I use that one instead!)

The biggest problem, though, is that you still can't use the DVD remote to control the XBox power. You have to get up off the couch (horrors) and push the power button. No fun.

Well, Team Xecuter recently released a separate mod, the X3IR, which adds a separate IR receiver to the XBox, which allows you to control power, among other things. I ordered one, and installed it tonight. All of the directions I found, though, assumed that you had an Xecuter 3 Control Panel and an Xecuter mod chip, which I didn't; I have a SmartXX chip, which isn't compatible with the control panel.

After much, much digging, I finally found these instructions, which tell how to install with any mod chip. However, there is an error in the diagram on that page showing the solder points for a version 1.6 XBox! I discovered this when I connected it all up and discovered that it wouldn't power on. Comparing it to the other directions, though, I noticed that the solder points for the Red1 and White wires were reversed. So, I took it all apart again, swapped those wires, and it worked just fine. Yay!

Now we can be lazy and control the power from the couch. Life gets no better than this.

UPDATE: I sent a message to the guy who authored the instructions with the error, and he has graciously fixed them.


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